Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series


Silent shadows hold unseen danger. Steel whispers the fatal strike. Between breaths, between blinks, the ninja makes his home; a nightmare apparition that means death to those he seeks. In times long past or futures unwritten, these invisible assassins stalk their prey, draped in the stillness of the night, leaving only mystery in their passage. Beware the darkness that lay between myth and legend; the ninja is there. Immortal warriors that live only for the bloodlust of battle, the Great Ninja Clan is the most feared opponent. Where the others fight their wars in the light, the Ninja owns the shadows. But when the Ninja Master is betrayed and murdered by unknown assailants, the Great Ninja Clan is irreparably split apart. What was one is now many as ninja fights ninja and brother fights brother.

Red Ninja_05The Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter campaign was launched on 9/9/2015 and was successfully funded on 10/7/2015. With a $160,000 goal, 1241 backers pledged $343,894 to help bring this project to life.

AI_posterSeries 1 was comprised of 15 unique action figures, including ninjas, monks, karate masters and samurais. There is also a wall mountable modular rooftop display base and an interchangeable arms/hands/wraps pack, making 17 total SKUs for series 1.

I’ve been involved in the toy industry since 2001, but this toy line was the first time that I personally had control from inception to completion. From the initial concepts, to prototyping (digital sculpting, 3D printing, clean-up, silicone mold making, tooling & paint masters), logo and packaging design, putting together and running the Kickstarter campaign, marketing & promotions, overseeing the production and manufacturing of the 17 SKU’s, and then getting them shipped from China to the US.

It was a rollercoaster that lasted too long, to call it a learning experience would be an understatement, it was both emotionally and professionally taxing, it tested me in so many different ways… but at the end of the day I know that I came through and delivered with what I said I would do… Series 1 was released in July 2017.