Adam grew up during the heyday of action figures. Star Wars, GI Joe, He-man, Thundercats, Transformers, Super Powers, Secret Wars, Mego. You name the line and Adam had at least a few figures from it. His mother still likes to tell people that Adam was potty trained with the promise of a new Star Wars action figure each time he went like a big boy. To this day he still expects a new action figure each time he goes like a big boy.
His younger brother certainly did not appreciate his desire to take apart their toys and swap parts around, or why he needed to “ruin” their figures by repainting them to be other characters.
Even now you can find Adam hunting for new toys during his lunch breaks and visiting his local comic book shop regularly.
Adam has been involved professionally in the toy industry since 2001 and is lucky enough to have worked on many of the toy lines that he grew up playing with.
As Director – Creative Services at Gentle Giant Studios he works with a wide range of clients throughout the toy prototyping process. Overseeing concept artwork, digital sculpting, 3D printing, silicone molding/resin casting, painting, and manufacturing while working directly with both licensees & licensors to gain approvals are among his daily tasks.
This page showcases some toys he’s had a part in creating, and even some that he hasn’t.